Monday, May 9, 2011

The Book is Finished!

The children’s picture book that my daughter and I have written is finally done. It is at the last of the beta readers as I now work at gathering together all of the metadata (ISBN, official “subject” designation, etc.) that is required to send it to Apple for approval and placement for sale at the iBookstore. I also have to put together versions for other e-reading devices like the Barnes & Noble “Nook” (the “Nook Color” especially, since our book has color illustrations) and for the Amazon “Kindle.” It is 30 pages long, plus the front and back covers. Those 30 pages include the 22 pages of actual story and eight pages of ancillary information (author bio, etc.).

The official description of the book:

A gentle baker turns into Dough Girl, a superhero who flies off to help a girl named Meghan who is being made to eat unpalatable muffins that were made in a food factory from processed dough. This is a picture book enhanced with dialog and sound effects, which are accessed by touching the audio player controls visible on every illustrated page. Definitions and usage examples are available for any word of the text by merely touching the word on the screen. Ages: 4 to 10 years. Viewable on iPad or iPad2 only. Not compatible with any other device.

I will announce the date when it will be available to purchase when I get that from Apple, but I’m hoping for no later than May 19. That’s my daughter’s birthday.

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