Sunday, July 10, 2011

Contest Winner

Our recent contest winner is fiction author Kathleen Maher, and her web site is called, “Diary of a Heretic.”

Her answer:

I’m popping by to say I looked up the quote: it’s from a 1950 movie, “Harvey,” with Jimmy Stewart. My mother used to love putting together “treasure hunts” for us kids; it sounds like something she might have said when we were begging for clues.

Kathleen’s prize was a free copy of my wordplay book, Memograms, for her Kindle.

Kathleen is a little unusual in that she doesn’t make you pay to try her writings. She posts her fiction, chapter by chapter, story by story, right there on her web site, for all to read and comment upon. I’ve started reading her and I find her opening sentences absolutely intriguing:

From Motivations:

From The Battered Child:
A month after his Emergency Contraception escapade, he still couldn’t guess.

From Plan B:

If those openings don’t make you want to know more, then you should just stick to reading soup can labels! Check out her work. You just might find yourself to be a fan.

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  1. Thanks, Peter. One of the problems with an all-fiction blog is that there's no room to thank people or say what you like; what you're reading, etc. Facebook and Goodreads are easier for me than Twitter, but I don't contribute as much on either as I'd like. Everything's a trade-off, though. Last night we saw a free outdoor production of Shakespeare's Henry V that involved taking a ferry to NYC's Governor's Island, ie., France.