Monday, July 18, 2011

New covers for “Memograms”

I have redesigned the front and back covers of my book, Memograms. I think that they now have a fresher, more professional look to them, and I have added review blurbs from Liz Alexander,The Book Doula (especially look at her Birth Your Book on Amazon), Steven Lewis of Talelist (a great site for Kindle publishing info), and from Kathleen Maher (author, Diary of a Heretic). I did a little tweaking of the front matter, also.

After I get it uploaded to the Kobo online store soon, I will be doing a more directed marketing campaign to increase exposure and sales. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Good luck with the sales!

    I'm having another one of my covers redone now too. At least as indies, we can keep tinkering until we get something that we like (and readers like too!). :)

  2. Terrific cover for your book, Peter. Memograms is a book to savor--that means I'm reading it rather slowly. But now I have the flu (because of being stuck on that Delta flight, I'm sure). It's great to play with it when you can't work.